Reka Katai




When did you start at Happy Mums? 2018. Summer


What is it like volunteering at Happy Mums? It's like being in a happy, honest, safe place with amazing colleagues. I love to be myself and use my skills to help other amazing mums. It is like you  are a part of something meaningful. Gives me a purpose for getting out of bed in the morning. It makes me energized and excited. 

Favourite place in Cumbria? Lake District - Ullswater (all around :) )

Favourite place in the world? Lake Balaton - Hungary


Cats or Dogs? Dogs 


Mountain or Sea? It is difficult as it depends on my mood. If I have to choose... Sea :)


Sunshine or Snow? Sunshine 


Best thing about lock down? We can slow down. We have time to do nothing without feeling guilty. We have time to be together as a family :D 


Worst thing about lock down? Isolation! We can not go to visit friends, have face to face conversations. Or just sit next to each other on a bench in silence. 

Guilty pleasure? Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate with a glass of wine ;) 


What does self-care mean to you? A homemade personalised snow globe. It is hard to change the background, but you can focus on different part of the picture. It can be nice and relaxing to see the glitters/snowflake falling down. But with a big shake its easy to start a storm and all the little bits moves so fast, and it is annoying. We have to be gentle and make sure we do looking after it in a nice way. 


Most likely to be overheard saying? "The sun is shining and I'm feeling tip top!"


Her colleagues say: Reka is like a ray of sunshine and the whole room lights up when she comes in. On many occasions she has stepped-up when we needed her most. She genuinely cares for and supports all of us. Happy Mums is incredibly lucky to have her.