Happy Mums face-to-face activities suspended but online support groups to be offered

In light of new government advice the Happy Mums Foundation has decided to suspend support groups, creche provision and activities with immediate effect.

Staff will continue to work usual hours from home where possible.

We will be offering a closed Facebook group chat at the times support groups normally take place: Wednesday 9.30-10.30 and Thursday 11-12.

The normal support group agreement applies and any discussion outside of the agreed time will not be moderated by Happy Mums and as such we can't be resposible for its content or impact.

If you would like to join the virtual support group search on 'Facebook for Happy Mums online support group' and request to join. We will be monitoring emails during office hours (Monday to Friday 9-3) so get in touch if you have any questions to info@happymums.org.uk.

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