Chair of the Board of Directors

Lizzie Anderson

When did you start at Happy Mums? 2016

What is it like volunteering at Happy Mums? It feels *good* - we're doing good for local mums and families, we're helping them feel good, we're helping each other feel good

Favourite place in Cumbria? Buttermere


Favourite place in the World? San Francisco

Cats or Dogs? Cats

Mountain or Sea? Sea

Sunshine or snow? Sunshine

Best thing about lock down? More time at home

Worst thing about lock down? Always conscious of/worrying about COVID-19 

Guilty pleasure? Binge watching trashy TV shows (married at first sight: Australia is my current binge)

What does self-care mean to me? Time where you only need think about *you*

Most likely to be overheard saying? “I listened to this podcast..."

Her colleagues say: Lizzie is the captain of our ship; always calm in a storm! She has endless patience and good judgement, and always looks at things from different perspectives. She is encouraging and supportive and we couldn't manage without her.