When did you start at Happy Mums? July 2019

What is it like working at Happy Mums? Rewarding, Challenging, Fun

Favourite place in Cumbria? Grandparents' bungalow on the sea front in sunny Silloth

Favourite place in the World? Gibraltar

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Mountain or Sea? Sea

Sunshine or snow? Sunshine

Guilty pleasure? Sitting on an evening and scrolling through Right Move and viewing housing I cannot afford.

What does self-care mean to me? Self care to me is very important. Often taking time to myself lifts my mood and does reduce my anxiety. Simple things like waiting until the kids are in bed & having a hot bath in complete silence. Having a nice meal just me and Dave where we can actually have a conversation without being interrupted every 5 mins. Going into my garage on the cross trainer for half an hour on my own really helped me in lock down.


Happy song? That would be Heaven by Bryan Adams. This was our wedding song and we had such a great day.

Most likely to be overheard saying? Is it lunchtime?

Her colleagues say... Katie is warm and kind, but most of all she takes everything in her stride, whatever outlandish scheme we come up with, however crazy it is.

Peer Support Co-Ordinator 


Lindsey McGregor 

When did you start at Happy Mums? May 2022

What is it like working at Happy Mums? Inclusive and friendly. Makes you feel like you can make a difference. 

Favourite place in Cumbria? Not really been out and explored much of it yet (open to suggestions?) Visited Windermere last Summer. That was nice. Hoping to do more of the Lake district this year. 

Favourite place in the World? Loved Fuerteventura 

Cats or Dogs? Probably cats these days as they are more independent but also love dogs. 

Mountain or Sea? Sea

Sunshine or snow? .......Both, but if I had to choose Sunshine 

Guilty pleasure? Supernatural (Dean is my straight crush 😍) Hell's Kitchen, Lego Masters (Australia or US... the UK one is a bit boring I think) I used to love Dance Moms (not sure what that's all about but I love it.) Cabin Pressure radio series and Faulty Towers. 

What does self-care mean to me? Getting a bit of alone time sometimes but also visiting family and friends, I don't like to keep still too long makes my feet itchy so visiting other places is a big win for me. Chilling with my partner. 


Happy song? "You got the love" Candi Station and The source (My song for my Gran) 


"Bring Me A Higher Love" (My song for Daughter) 


"One More Night" Marron 5 (My song for my Partner)


Anything by Tina Turner cause the women is a total legend.   

Most likely to be overheard saying? "I probably shouldn't say this... but....."

Her colleagues say...  "Lindsey has brought loads of fresh ideas and energy, as well as her sense of humour and some great new stationary..."