Laura Kirby

Volunteer: Group Helper 

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When did you start at Happy Mums? I started attending support groups at happy mums when my little boy was 7 months old and he is nearly 5 now so it was about 4 years ago! I have been volunteering for about a year.


What is it like volunteering at Happy Mums? I love volunteering for happy mums because I enjoy helping the mums like I was helped. I love playing with the children and meeting new babies that come with their lovely mums.

Favourite place in Cumbria? My favourite place in Cumbria is probably Keswick as there are so many gorgeous walks to go on and lots of hidden gems that me and my family enjoy exploring.

Favourite place in the world? Favourite place in the world would have to be the Caribbean. One of my favourite programmes is death in paradise and that's where it is filmed!


Cats or Dogs? Definitely dogs.


Mountain or Sea? It is difficult as it depends on my mood. If I have to choose... Sea :)


Sunshine or Snow? Sunshine because it makes you feel happier.


Guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is watching something to do with murder mysteries and drinking tea!


What does self-care mean to you? Self care to me means making sure I am well enough to take on the day and whatever that brings. I enjoy running to look after myself and that really helps with my anxiety.

Favourite song? A happy song for me is Paolo Nutini pencil full of lead or 10/10.


Most likely to be overheard saying? "I love this song" if I'm at work or just laughing if I'm anywhere to be honest as I love laughing and smiling.


Her colleagues say: Laura is always smiling and brightens up the day where ever she goes. She's always up for a task and gives it her best. You'll always know she'll be at groups singing and smiling away. :)