Katie Bruce

When did you start at Happy Mums? July 2019

What is it like working at Happy Mums? Rewarding, Challenging, Fun

Favourite place in Cumbria? Grandparents' bungalow on the sea front in sunny Silloth

Favourite place in the World? Gibraltar

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Mountain or Sea? Sea

Sunshine or snow? Sunshine

Best thing about lock down? Having one-to-one schooling with my son and seeing how much it brought him on

Worst thing about lock down? All the hard work I had put in dealing with social anxiety and getting back into work, the lock down took me back months.

Guilty pleasure? Sitting on an evening and scrolling through Right Move and viewing housing I cannot afford.

What does self-care mean to me? Self care to me is very important. Often taking time to myself lifts my mood and does reduce my anxiety. Simple things like waiting until the kids are in bed & having a hot bath in complete silence. Having a nice meal just me and Dave where we can actually have a conversation without being interrupted every 5 mins. Going into my garage on the cross trainer for half an hour on my own really helped me in lock down.


Happy song? That would be Heaven by Bryan Adams. This was our wedding song and we had such a great day.

Most likely to be overheard saying? Is it lunchtime?

Her colleagues say... Katie is warm and kind, but most of all she takes everything in her stride, whatever outlandish scheme we come up with, however crazy it is.

Administration Officer