Shared Experience Group

Pregnancy, birth and early parenting during Covid-19

We know from our weekly support groups just how much the pandemic has affected pregnant and new mums. Covid-19 has brought uncertainty and increased isolation, which is putting more pressure on parents, while reducing access to support.


At Happy Mums, through our weekly support groups, we help pregnant women and mums who are experiencing some form of emotional or mental wellbeing problem eg. postnatal depression, anxiety or psychosis.  


But we also want to do what we can to support those who are pregnant, have given birth or been caring for young children throughout the pandemic, who do not necessarily have any mental health challenges. This is important because we know that Covid-19 has had a big emotional impact for many women. We also know that peer-support can make difficult experiences a little bit easier. 

We will be applying our skills and experience in facilitating peer-support groups to bring together pregnant and new mums who have been affected by the pandemic to hold a safe space for them to share their experiences.